Valves-         Butterfly valves, Safety valves, Bore valves, 2” Lotor valves, Pipes-  2” 1502 pipes, Weco union and Dafran pump

N-TONYSON INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED, an Oil & Gas servicing company with operations in the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. Our operations in this division, covers rental/sales of  Well Testing equipment, Down Hole tools, Monitoring Instruments, lifting equipment.

Our equipment rental/sales services can be tailored to Offshore Well Testing, Early Production Facilities (EPF), Under Balanced Drilling (UBD) and Onshore Well Testing equipments.
Our   services which include sales and rental of:

  • Lifting cranes (mobile and telescopic cranes)
  • Forklifts
  • Selfloaders
  • Skate rollers
  • Suction hose
  • Surface Safety Valves
  • Ball Valves and Oil manifold Diverter
  • Hammer Valves
  • Chiksan Pipes, Cross Overs and Flanges  ( Various sizes
  • PUP Joints
  • Choke Manifolds (Drilling and Well Testing)
  • Data header
  • Surge and Atmospheric tanks
  • Sand Detectors
  • Pig Detectors
  • Watercut Meters
  • Wetgas Meters
  • Oil-in-Water Monitors
  • Corrosion Monitors
  • Erosion Monitors
  • Sand Monitoring Services
  • Field Monitoring Services.
  • Technical services


These products and services have applications in the following operations:

    • Production Well Testing
    • Exploration Well Testing
    • Production Monitoring
    • Reservoir Evaluation
    • Reservoir Description (Declineation& Characteristics)
    • Reservoir management
    • Allocation Metering.









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