Valves-         Butterfly valves, Safety valves, Bore valves, 2” Lotor valves, Pipes-  2” 1502 pipes, Weco union and Dafran pump


It is the policy of N-Tonyson Industrial Support Servvices Company Ltd to render services of consistently   high quality that meet or exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations at all times.  Our operations shall be consistent with public good and shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations.



N-Tonyson Industrial Support Servvices Company Ltd MISSION is to nurture and sustain a highly technically oriented business, through accepting responsibilities that can lead to the contribution in knowledge, skills, accomplishments, satisfactions, and efforts to the society. Management is committed to nurturing and sustaining the health, safety and security of her staff, equipment and environment. To accomplish this, management feels there is nothing more than making sure that:

" We develop safe work methods, and make them appealing to employees.
" All equipments, tools and machines are maintained in good repair.
" Encourage and develop a good relationship with our host communities.
" Be committed to the nurturing and preservation of our environment.

Management is committed to nurture and sustain SAFETY.
Employees and visitors in addition should realize that the existence of accident is a proof of a wasteful operation that destroys the corporation mission.
The company also recognizes the hazardous nature of its operations - both oil and non oil related and the adverse consequences of its failure to observe, check and control or completely eliminate the acts and conditions that could result in accidents or incidents.



N-Tonyson Industrial Support Servvices Company Ltd believes that working conditions for every employee can be made safe by eliminating hazards and by safety education. Good safety practices are a part of our operations procedure. Most accidents are the result of mistakes and can be corrected in the same way that other mistakes of operations are corrected, that is, by training, motivation, planning and supervision. Nothing takes the place of good common sense and taking enough time to plan your work adequately.

N-Tonyson Industrial Support Servvices Company Ltd recognizes and accepts its responsibility to provide safe and healthy working conditions; complete cooperation with this vital program is expected of everyone.

Each employee is responsible for the usage of safe work practices and methods. When assigning work, it is imperative that each individual should thoroughly understand the instructions. When in doubt, he should ask his supervisor for the necessary guidance to ensure a job is safely performed.
The Managing Director is responsible for the overall safety of the personnel and the equipment in accordance with the safety policy. Each employee has immediate access at all time to the management of the Company.

The Managing Director will give guidance to the Organization and encourage innovation and total quality and safety awareness, also, establish and maintain a company safety system, review and approve project safety plan before issuing it to the client and review and implement safety courses.




Our mission is to provide high quality service to customers through total commitment to innovative Engineering and the best combination of technical resources for the benefit of the society. 


To be foremost indigenous company providing quality and unravel services to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.



To demonstrate integrity and honesty and to take responsibility for all our actions.

- To adopt a teamwork approach to our work and conduct our activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner while meeting or exceeding our commitments





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